We all need to be emotionally freed up to learn.

Emotional intelligence is fundamental to understanding the link between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We work with each young person as an individual who are part of a family and a community to enable them to make the links necessary to improve their emotional health and mental well-being.

We offer therapeutic support at a vital stage of development. This can have a positive impact on all aspects of a young person’s life at home and in the classroom. Our work helps teachers to focus on teaching. Our work helps build relationships with friends and family.

We recognise that adolescence is an intense period of transition and understand that some young people have a lot to navigate through until they become independent adults.

Common issues brought to us include those issues related to social media, parental expectations, attachment, separation, dysfunctional homelife, parental mental health, bereavement, divorce, addiction, abuse, (physical, emotional, sexual), sexuality, neglect, traumatic events, suicidal thoughts, self harm, anxiety, prison, foster placement.

“Children love and want to be loved and they very much prefer the joy of accomplishment to the triumph of hateful failure. Do not mistake a child for his symptom” -Erik Erikson